Need fundraising help?

Need fundraising help?

  • Are you an Executive Director and fundraising is one among many things on your plate?
  • Can’t afford the overhead of full or part-time fund development staff?
  • Need a specific fundraising project completed but don’t want to hire staff?
  • Don’t know how to get started with your fundraising?
  • Facing budget shortfalls due to reduced government funding and not sure what to do next?
  • What have you always done in the past is no longer working for your organization?
  • Juggling multiple projects and don’t know where to find the time to fundraise?
  • Can’t afford the rates of the “big” consultants?

Running your non-profit can be difficult without having the worries of where the money is coming from to keep your programs running. In this day and age of budget shortfalls, reduced government funding, and doing “more with less,” fundraising will provide you with the needed contributed income to allow YOU to do what YOU do best – fulfill YOUR mission.

Can’t do it yourself, Development Consulting Solutions is YOUR option. We pick up where the other consultants leave off. We are your project-based fundraising staff without all the overhead, completing your projects in half the time, raising you more money, and answering YOUR questions. In our company serving ALL of New England, you have a partner who cares about YOUR organization’s mission and success. We are your fundraising back office! Check out our Hire a CFRE project based service offerings.  We also have interim project-based package pricing available.

Imagine raising more money to support your organization without all the cost. That is the real power of a certified, credentialed, and experienced fund development professional. We can show you not only how to make this happen, but, we have the years of expertise to take you there, without all the costs and in half the time!

But, don’t wait, nor delay! Building a sustainable and integrated development program is a process that takes time. Rarely do “quick fixes” ever work long-term. Now is the time to start, today is the day to begin.

If you want results, trust a company that has the credentials, years of expertise, multiple achievements, and professional recognition to take YOUR efforts to the next level.

Let us show you how we can help you – call today!