How do you make new donors feel welcome?

If you say you don’t then you are missing out.

Donors are like members of our family and they need to be treated like such.

A welcome package for new donors is a great way to make them feel welcome and to show them that you are happy that they are part of your organization.

A welcome package is a package that is mailed soon after the receipt of a donor’s first check in response to an acquisition package. It is intended to begin a relationship between the individual and the organization by stating all the ways that a donor may become involved and the benefits of supporting the organization.

A new donor welcome package is NOT another fundraising appeal. It is a way for you to emphasize your appreciation and offer additional information. Non-profits frequently offer donors many ways in which to respond – through surveys, requests for additional information and other donor engagement devices.

Treating your donors well will increase the chances that they will likely renew their support through building a strong, mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. Just like in any relationship, first impressions matter and donors are highly skeptical. So a new donor welcome package will go a long way in fostering the start of this new relationship.

You might want to consider adding some enclosures to an existing thank you letter or developing a full-scale welcome package. Some items you might want to include are:

  • Small brochure that outlines your membership benefits and services or a “new member’s guide.”
  • A brief member survey or feedback form.
  • A “case for support” brochure.
  • A membership card.
  • A flyer on your monthly giving program.
  • An organizational wish-list.
  • Copies of publications.
  • A low-cost premium or “give away.”
  • A copy of your mission statement.
  • Information on planned giving.

So, in order to build long-term, loyal donors, you need to develop a welcome package that makes a donor feel a part of the organizational family.

What else would you include in a donor welcome package?

Email your suggestions to and I will post your ideas in an upcoming newsletter!