How to engage your Board in fundraising before the ask or the thank you call.

Just this week, I was working with a client, and we were discussing Board member engagement in fund development. The assumption was, ho hum, “they just won’t participate.”  It was then that I came across a blog article outlining all of the wonderful ways that you can engage your Board in fundraising.  You know things […] Read more »

Is it time to close our nonprofit doors?

As a nonprofit organization, you are here to meet a mission to your stakeholders.  Maybe long ago, or not so long ago, you were founded to assist a particular group or meet a critical need.  And, months go by, years go by, and you are still in existence.  But, is the need still there?  Are […] Read more »

Do not take Fund Development best practices at face value!

Best practices. We hear that phrase often. This week, I even read a question asking if “best practices were misleading?” Are we throwing that phrase around to legitimize our field? Our do we have best practices and what are they? Well, I contend that the only true best practice is one that is grounded in […] Read more »

Yep, the Board does have a role in a capital campaign!

What, wait, we hired that Capital Campaign Consultant to run the campaign, and now you are telling me that I have to do something.  No, this can’t be possible. Yep!  It would be unrealistic to think that a capital campaign is left up to the staff to manage.  How could they?  The staff doesn’t have access […] Read more »

The importance of the agenda to good governance

Good governance doesn’t end at creating a Governance Committee of the board or even of establishing processes for governance such as policies and procedures, or even developing new committee structures. Governance has only begun. It continues with a well formed and crafted agenda for all meetings both at the Board and, most especially, at the committee […] Read more »

Governance, follow the leader?

So, who leads the governance process? Is it the Board? Is it the staff? I wondered to what role does the staff or Board play in shifting a culture that is not longer useful? In fact, sometimes a management culture can be downright disruptive after an organization has reached a particular place in its life […] Read more »

Governance and the Founder – a Crossroads at Your Nonprofit

The founder.  What does that mean to be a founder of an organization?  And, how does that impact the relationship with your Board of Directors? Organizations have natural life cycles and founders play a unique role in the organization that the found.  There is growth and with growth comes pains. For founders, what was once […] Read more »

How well are you meeting your nonprofit’s mission?

How big is your need? Interestingly enough, a group that I am currently working with is in the process of conducting an outside needs assessment.  I think this is such a wise move.   Over the years, I have led strategic planning and board development for quite some time.  For those groups who have engaged […] Read more »

Is Your Board Looking Through the Lens of Mission?

The lens of mission must guide everything that a Board of Directors decides in an organization. Everything. Board members are the vanguard of the mission.  They develop it; they refine it, and they ensure it.  They ensure that the organization is meeting the needs of those that they serve through assessing the community during a […] Read more »

From here to minutia…Board of Directors and their committees

Board Committees are all about governance

Ah, Board committees. Now, we get knee deeper into confusion. So, keeping the Board focused on governance is challenging work. Keeping the committees focused on governance seems at times almost impossible. A few observations from the field. Just like with Board of Directors, Board committee’s need position descriptions and expectations. Now, I won’t recommend specific […] Read more »