Great expectations for Board Members

Last week, I noted how all-volunteer and small staffed organizations must engage in governance at the Board level.  I pointed out that one of the first steps is to secure commitment to change.  Some groups may not want to change and need to wrestle with the question of “what does not changing mean for our […] Read more »

Corporate Governance is a Must Even in Your Small Nonprofit

Board Governance in small nonprofits is challenging but necessary

Board governance is challenging work.  It is especially difficult for smaller organizations.  Even more so in all volunteer organizations. When organizations lack staff including an Executive Director, it is the Board of Directors who often fills in the “gap” of responsibility regarding getting the day to day activities of the organization done.  Board members may […] Read more »

Do your nonprofit board of directors self-assess itself? Perhaps it should…

Does your board of directors periodically practice board self-evaluation? If it doesn’t, it should. Self-evaluation is a great way to maintain board awareness around its responsibilities as a board member and the potential need for changes on the board level. It is a great way to check in with each member and to learn about […] Read more »

Nonprofit board recruitment is key to fundraising raising effectiveness

Nonprofit board development is THAT important. Not just to the organization as a whole, but, how it directly impacts fundraising effectiveness. A board dream team just does not appear.  It needs to be systematically developed.It all starts with an inventory  through the creation of a recruitment matrix. The recruitment matrix is a tool that you […] Read more »

Your nonprofit board members role in a capital campaign

Board Member Roles and Responsibilities During a Capital Campaign In a capital campaign board members should make the organization a priority through: Reviewing their philanthropic priorities and committing to make a “stretch” gift to the campaign.  Board members should all support the Annual Fund campaign each year in addition to supporting the capital campaign. All board members […] Read more »

Philanthropy is not a multiple choice question for your nonprofit board of directors

So often I have heard this one line uttered…”But I give of my time and that is my gift!” Yes and no. As a Board of Director, you are expected to give of your time.  You are a volunteer.  You have fiduciary responsibilities that you are not usually paid for.  And folks contrary to what […] Read more »

Identifying new potential donor prospects for fundraising

As a consultant, I get asked this question all the time. How do I find new donors for my fundraising efforts? Well, let me offer a few easy and cost-effective steps that don’t require you to purchase or rent  costly donor lists for your fund development program: 1. At every single board meeting and at […] Read more »

Let’s talk about board of directors giving…

Does you board of directors give? This all important topic that is so hard to broach. First, lets start where it all starts… Does your organization have board of directors expectations that you share with them even before they are elected? Do you have them sign and commit to those expectations? Do you evaluate them […] Read more »