Love me or lose me – How donor communications can do both.

We often talk about banning jargon when we speak to others about our organization.  And, that is so needed.  But, I would like to take it one step further, and say that we are not here to “educate” our donors about what we do. They don’t care about the specifics. There, I said it.  Truly, […] Read more »

Ask your donors key questions, and fundraising becomes simple!

Let’s get rid of our printed newsletter and just send an e-newsletter. Our donors don’t like personal solicitations. We are only going to send out one appeal a year because we don’t want to send too much mail to our donors. I hear statements like this all the time.  And, I wonder if we are […] Read more »

Where are all your donors going?

Are you looking at your donor retention rate?  It seems like this is old hat in the field, but yet, it is such an important metric to be measuring in your development office.  The question is, are you? It is more expensive and difficult to obtain a new donor than it is to keep a […] Read more »

Fundraising audits inside and out

The fundraising audit is a major step in fundraising planning.  When you think about planning, you think about where are we, where do we want to be, and how are we going to get there? The fundraising audit helps you to determine, where are you.  And, it is probably the most important step of the […] Read more »

How does your fundraising ROI measure up?

How are you looking at your fundraising rate of return? It is critical that you develop a variety of ways to measure your performance and report these results to the board. In doing so, you are ensuring appropriate stewardship of your resources through demonstrating that your fundraising is efficient and effective.  While it does cost […] Read more »

A Case Study: Donor Acquisition – It Does Work!

This week, I had a conversation with one of my very first clients. And, I wanted to share their success story. You see, too many groups don’t want to invest in donor acquisition because they know that they will lose money – in the short-term. Who intends to invest in that, particularly if you are […] Read more »

Let’s ban the title Newsletters – all in favor?

The one best tip I have for nonprofit newsletters – stop calling them newsletters. I am of the mind that this title creates a great deal of confusion both for the nonprofit and the donor. Why? First, donors are like investors. They are giving their financial resources to support something, dare I say, a mission […] Read more »