How to begin attracting new donors to your organization

It is probably not where you initially think! To begin attracting new donors to your organization, you first need to step back and determine a strong and compelling case for support. Without a rationale for giving, you won’t be able to attract any new donors to your organization. Here are the critical components that you […] Read more »

How your direct mail appeal letter typesetting can help your letter raise more money

One may think that the content or copy of a direct mail appeal letter is King (or Queen), but studies have found that there is something else as equally or maybe even more important than what the letter says. What is that one thing? Typesetting.  And, typesetting does matter when it comes to direct mail […] Read more »

Characteristics of a good development director

Technical skill or personality, which is most important when hiring a new director of development? That is a great question. And, while ideally, both would be great, that is not always a guarantee. So what do you look for in this case? While just about anyone can have the skill set of a fundraiser, not […] Read more »

Why do good grant applications fail?

Why good grant applications fail. Yes, every grant you write will not be funded.  That is a reality.  I know, you and I both wish that they were, but that’s not always the case. According to The Fund Raising School at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, these are some concrete reasons why foundations decline […] Read more »

Let’s find all the wealthy people in town!

Is this your major gift strategy? Big donor to save the day? You know. You look up every large property owner in town and create a list. Or, how about you excavate other folks annual reports and assume, hey why not. When you live in a small town or city, this strategy is especially compounded. […] Read more »

Are you wishing on a capital campaign?

Oh no! We need a new building. The offer letter is on the table. What now? We need money! But wait, we haven’t done any fundraising in the past. We need millions tomorrow to move into our new facility and to make all the necessary upgrades. Time, we don’t have time! Does this scenario sound […] Read more »

Is fundraising a profession yet?

When you are sick, you go to the doctor.  The doctor advises you on what you need to do in order to return to health.  You listen, you follow the instructions, and you get better. It is not that way with fund development.  You look for the qualifications – the MBA, the CFRE, but do […] Read more »