How do you encourage your supporters to share your Facebook content?

How do you encourage your supporters to share your Facebook content within their own networks?

When one of your Facebook fans clicks the “share” button under a wall post or a photo, that content will be posted to their own wall and shared with their network expanding your reach and helping to spread your message fast.

What should you share? Publishing engaging blog content, interesting videos, and beautiful photos is the easiest way to get people to share with their network, but it doesn’t hurt to ask from time to time either.

As long as you don’t sound desperate or frequently make a request, go ahead and ask your supporters to share your content with friends.

Another way is to tie sharing and other actions into a promotion. For instance, you could launch a cause-marketing promotion campaign by connecting with a company that agrees to make a donation when users like a page, comment, or post a picture showing their support. Supporters tend to get involved and take action when they know there is a financial benefit for their favorite organization.

The bottom line is, your nonprofit still has to have outstanding content that should be truly worth sharing.

How are you engaging your Facebook supporters in sharing your content? Send your great tips to and they might be published in an upcoming blog.