How to raise $75,000 in 7 months through grant writing

I raised $85,000 for an organizations in 7 months. How?

Grant writing!

I bet you didn’t know that was a skill set of DCS, oh but it is!

In the past 7 months that I have worked with an elder care facility, I have been busy raising money through grants.

In fact, lots of money. Over $75,000 to be exact.


Well, grant writing just like any component of fund development takes skill and has a definitive body of knowledge around it.

Can you hire someone who can write, sure! But a fund development professional has the breadth of experience and knowledge that can take effective efforts and make them extraordinary ones.

I start off by conducting a search of all the potential funding sources that exist both privately and corporately using subscriber on-line sources. From there I put together a grants management plan – a road map you might say of the next year ahead.

I know exactly what is due when and what needs to be my priority.

I spend time building relationships in the office and on the board to help match organizational priorities with funding priorities to ensure success. Then I work with your board to see what existing and/or potential relationships that there might be to leverage each funding potential.

It doesn’t end there, reporting is key. And donor-centered, relationship enhancing reporting takes you to another level.

So, yes…you can hire a “copy writer,” “a former newspaper writer,” or any other kind of writer…but why not a fund development professional.

The body of knowledge is powerful of thing.

Don’t waste time and money – instead hire someone who can raise it!