New “Hire A CFRE!” interim development services

Development Consulting Solutions is announcing NEW interim and project-based service offerings: Who is “Hire a CFRE”? There are limited Certified Fund-Raising Executives (CFRE) providing outsourced fund development services and serving as interim fund development staffing. What most organizations need is someone who can do the work for them! “Hire a CFRE” recognizes this need and […] Read more »

Meetings – are you positioned right?

Meetings, meetings, meetings. We all know them, and we all attend are three types of meetings and the way that you position yourself physically within the meeting could make a world of difference.  Including meeting with our donors. But, did you know there are three types of meetings, and the way that you position […] Read more »

Let’s talk about YOU, not me!

Research has shown that people like to talk about themselves. And, there is a reason why. It stimulates areas of the brain. It makes them physically feel good to talk about themselves – stimulating the same areas in the brain that sex, cocaine, and good food does. And, we all know what good food does […] Read more »

What does your body language say about you in fundraising?

Recently, I had some conversations with a former co-worker. Her outlook and atmosphere had changed so dramatically that I had pause and ask, what is different. Well, she set me on the course of all of her “research” on the importance of human body language. And, I realized that there was profound applicability for me […] Read more »