How to segment and personalize your year-end fundraising campaign

It is year-end campaign planning time. Far too often I see organizations using a blanket approach with their donor base. With a few minor tweaks in their strategy, they can increase their revenues by a third, sometimes even double. What strategies do I recommend? Well, what I often see is that one of the most overlooked […] Read more »

How to re-engage lapsed donors in your organization

A lapsed donor is one who has lapsed from giving at least a calendar year.  They are the most significant donors to focus your efforts on re-engaging since they have already demonstrated an interest in your organization. There are several ways to re-engage these lapsed donors.  Here are some suggestions that you can implement within […] Read more »

How to create donor recognition opportunities for your fundraising campaign

An important part of any fundraising campaign is how you plan on recognizing your donors at different giving levels. While donor recognition opportunities do not motivate all donors, the fact is that some are. And, you need to be prepared to offer this valuable tool to inspire the sights of your donors who are motivated […] Read more »

How your direct mail appeal letter typesetting can help your letter raise more money

One may think that the content or copy of a direct mail appeal letter is King (or Queen), but studies have found that there is something else as equally or maybe even more important than what the letter says. What is that one thing? Typesetting.  And, typesetting does matter when it comes to direct mail […] Read more »

How a gift range chart can help you raise more money even in your small nonprofit

One might think that gift range charts are just for large projects such as capital campaigns or for significant fundraising efforts.  And, while, yes, there is some truth to that, gift range charts can be used effectively in even the smallest of fundraising shops. A gift range chart will tell you exactly how many gifts […] Read more »

“Am I asking my donors too much?” Well, Virginia let me tell you the answer.

So, here it is. I am laying this question and answer right out on the line. Especially now that we are coming to the year-end giving season. I am asked time and time again, “Didn’t we just mail to them, won’t we be bothering them?” No, no, and no. You can never ask enough. Yes, […] Read more »

Is your fear of asking causing you to make assumptions for your donors?

Let’s cut to the chase.  I know, and you know that one of the biggest things that stop us from being effective in our fundraising is fear.  Good old, heart pumping, nail biting, fear. Recently, I had a conversation with some folks, and I asked them the question, “what is your number one concern around […] Read more »

Is scarcity stopping you from asking for a major gift?

Do these phrases sound familiar to you? “I never have enough money!” “Money goes out faster than it comes in!” “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” How often have we heard these phrases growing up?  Well, if you were like me, probably a lot.  As a child, these were the messages that I subconsciously learned about money, […] Read more »

Fundraising audits inside and out

The fundraising audit is a major step in fundraising planning.  When you think about planning, you think about where are we, where do we want to be, and how are we going to get there? The fundraising audit helps you to determine, where are you.  And, it is probably the most important step of the […] Read more »

A Case Study: Donor Acquisition – It Does Work!

This week, I had a conversation with one of my very first clients. And, I wanted to share their success story. You see, too many groups don’t want to invest in donor acquisition because they know that they will lose money – in the short-term. Who intends to invest in that, particularly if you are […] Read more »