How to create donor recognition opportunities for your fundraising campaign

An important part of any fundraising campaign is how you plan on recognizing your donors at different giving levels. While donor recognition opportunities do not motivate all donors, the fact is that some are. And, you need to be prepared to offer this valuable tool to inspire the sights of your donors who are motivated […] Read more »

Donor cultivation and stewardship – it’s all unique and one-of-a-kind!

I often get asked from my clients, how many touchpoints do you need to give to a donor at a certain level? And, my answer – it varies. There is some science to the whole matter.  In fact, after I conduct a rating and ranking session, I will combine all of the numbers and come […] Read more »

Do not take Fund Development best practices at face value!

Best practices. We hear that phrase often. This week, I even read a question asking if “best practices were misleading?” Are we throwing that phrase around to legitimize our field? Our do we have best practices and what are they? Well, I contend that the only true best practice is one that is grounded in […] Read more »

What running Mt. Washington taught me about fundraising

This past weekend, I embarked on an event that frightened me.  Literally and figuratively. You see, several months ago, I entered a lottery.  And, the drawing was for a chance to run up Mt. Washington in the Mt. Washington Auto Road Race.  I got in. At the time, it seemed fabulous.  Then as reality dawned, […] Read more »

Is your fear of asking causing you to make assumptions for your donors?

Let’s cut to the chase.  I know, and you know that one of the biggest things that stop us from being effective in our fundraising is fear.  Good old, heart pumping, nail biting, fear. Recently, I had a conversation with some folks, and I asked them the question, “what is your number one concern around […] Read more »

What does your body language say about you in fundraising?

Recently, I had some conversations with a former co-worker. Her outlook and atmosphere had changed so dramatically that I had pause and ask, what is different. Well, she set me on the course of all of her “research” on the importance of human body language. And, I realized that there was profound applicability for me […] Read more »

What is your aversion to asking others for money?

I enjoy asking for gifts.  I like to connect a donor with a mission and see magic happen.  Indeed, when you ask one for a gift, the giver gives. When I have broached this topic as of late, I see faces cringe and heads nod, “no.”  The body language says it all.  But, what is […] Read more »

Fundraising audits inside and out

The fundraising audit is a major step in fundraising planning.  When you think about planning, you think about where are we, where do we want to be, and how are we going to get there? The fundraising audit helps you to determine, where are you.  And, it is probably the most important step of the […] Read more »

How does your fundraising ROI measure up?

How are you looking at your fundraising rate of return? It is critical that you develop a variety of ways to measure your performance and report these results to the board. In doing so, you are ensuring appropriate stewardship of your resources through demonstrating that your fundraising is efficient and effective.  While it does cost […] Read more »

I have a motive, and it is a bequest.

Yes, I have a motive, and it is a bequest. As a young woman with no children, I have already created my estate plans. Yes, I have. And while those I love will be taken care of as they should. There is a time after they are gone when my assets held in trust will […] Read more »