Is it time to close our nonprofit doors?

As a nonprofit organization, you are here to meet a mission to your stakeholders.  Maybe long ago, or not so long ago, you were founded to assist a particular group or meet a critical need.  And, months go by, years go by, and you are still in existence.  But, is the need still there?  Are […] Read more »

New “Hire A CFRE!” interim development services

Development Consulting Solutions is announcing NEW interim and project-based service offerings: Who is “Hire a CFRE”? There are limited Certified Fund-Raising Executives (CFRE) providing outsourced fund development services and serving as interim fund development staffing. What most organizations need is someone who can do the work for them! “Hire a CFRE” recognizes this need and […] Read more »

The intersection between mission and mergers

There always comes the point in an organization when the natural order of things is change.  Whether that change is an executive transition, upheaval in the Board of Directors, or even things greater than that.  Things such as what should we do as an organization?  Stay the same?  Merge with another organization?  Or even cease […] Read more »

Governance and the Founder – a Crossroads at Your Nonprofit

The founder.  What does that mean to be a founder of an organization?  And, how does that impact the relationship with your Board of Directors? Organizations have natural life cycles and founders play a unique role in the organization that the found.  There is growth and with growth comes pains. For founders, what was once […] Read more »

Is Your Board Looking Through the Lens of Mission?

The lens of mission must guide everything that a Board of Directors decides in an organization. Everything. Board members are the vanguard of the mission.  They develop it; they refine it, and they ensure it.  They ensure that the organization is meeting the needs of those that they serve through assessing the community during a […] Read more »

What running Mt. Washington taught me about fundraising

This past weekend, I embarked on an event that frightened me.  Literally and figuratively. You see, several months ago, I entered a lottery.  And, the drawing was for a chance to run up Mt. Washington in the Mt. Washington Auto Road Race.  I got in. At the time, it seemed fabulous.  Then as reality dawned, […] Read more »

Is scarcity stopping you from asking for a major gift?

Do these phrases sound familiar to you? “I never have enough money!” “Money goes out faster than it comes in!” “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” How often have we heard these phrases growing up?  Well, if you were like me, probably a lot.  As a child, these were the messages that I subconsciously learned about money, […] Read more »

Fundraising audits inside and out

The fundraising audit is a major step in fundraising planning.  When you think about planning, you think about where are we, where do we want to be, and how are we going to get there? The fundraising audit helps you to determine, where are you.  And, it is probably the most important step of the […] Read more »

Insanity? Creating a fundraising plan without conducting an audit.

When developing a fundraising plan, I am often asked whether or not, I can skip the development audit analysis. And, I arguably say “no!” A fundraising audit is probably the most critical stage of the entire planning process looking at where an organization is now, where it has been, and where do they want to […] Read more »

It’s not over until it’s over…what to do with your strategic plan!

So you ask…now that the planning is over now what do we do with the plan? It is time to package it up! Once the initial goals and objectives are drafted and approved by the planning team and board of directors, the organization needs to look at the two main audiences both internally and externally […] Read more »