The revolving fundraising door at our organizations

What is going on out there?

For the past year, I have watched development jobs come and go on the job boards.

I lamented that folks like myself with over 20 years of experience, certifications, and education were getting passed up for the lower paid, less experienced, “greener” young ones.  And, there might be some thread of truth to that.  I can’t be all wet behind the ears.

But, the funny thing is lately, after a year of scanning job postings, I started to notice something very, very interesting.  The same postings were coming up.  A place down in Newport, a place in Dorchester, the same job, needing the same person.

It is so costly to keep having staff turnover.  Expensive in many ways.  Not just because of having to fill a vacancy, but costly to the organization as its donor base is disturbed.  Development is all about relationships, and if high staff turnover continues, those relationships are never truly built.

Another thing that I have noticed is that some organizations are being a bit more proactive.  Seeking out referrals for qualified candidates and then actively recruiting instead of waiting for candidates to apply and come to them.

The smarter move, I might add.

I guess I pen this manifesto for all those development professionals who have spent years in the field honing best practices and in some cases even developing them.  It is time that organizations stop looking for the cheapest, youngest, idealistic help.  It doesn’t serve the organization to cut the budget by hiring inexperienced newbies for its top position, particularly when it comes to fund development.  Can you afford to take a chance on someone who is “green” behind the ears to figure it out as they go along?

I think naught!  If you think differently, leave me a comment below.


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