You may need Development Consulting Solutions coaching IF you are a:

  • New fundraising professional or transitioning to a new position: Help you adjust and create amazing impact in your new role.
  • Executive director who is handling everything and seeking to manage it all, including fundraising: Help managing it all by providing focus and best practices to leverage your time and skill sets.
  • New Board member or an existing one who finally wants to get it right: Help get the tools to grow in your governance role and change the culture of your board.
  • Fundraising professional who is seeking to advance in their career and get results that demand attention: Help get the tools, support and confidence to accelerate your performance.

Well, I have a solution for you

Get unstuck : Leverage the challenges and opportunities that exist within your current nonprofit to transform – your professional experience, your confidence level, and your abilities.

Get empowered : I provide a safe, supportive place for smart professionals to dream big, face their fears, and take positive, deliberate action steps towards creating the experience of their dreams.

Get confidence : Obtain the skills, courage, and energy to FINALLY make the decisions and set expectations within your current and future positions, all the while having a direct impact on your fundraising bottom line.

Get results : Leverage my guidance to excel and enhance your ability through a focused effort that is results driven, impacting the success of your fundraising campaigns.

What Can You Look Forward to When Working with Me?

  • Increased productivity, confidence, and abilities.
  • Lose your fears around what you want to do and who you want to be in your career.
  • Learn how to set expectations and manage your workload.
  • Wisdom, compassion, and guidance during your daily grind.
  • Finally, love your current position and find the time to grow in it.
  • Avoid “newbie” pitfalls through guidance and support.
  • Get an outside perspective on your work.
  • Put best practices into action, focusing your development efforts towards better results. Build cultures of philanthropy that support your work rather than detract.
  • Build better Boards through effective and strong Board governance.


What can you expect?

Results, first and foremost. During our initial time together, I will conduct an audit of your fundraising program. I will audit your program based on industry best practices. From this audit, we will work to establish some concrete “hot-button” goals and objectives that can move your fundraising needle forward.Throughout the process, you’re in the driver’s seat with our relationship, but at times I may put you in the “hot seat” with accountability to keep that needle moving forward. We won’t mess around.

My Qualifications : As a “top in the field” Certified Fund-Raising Executive who has been billed as one of Linked In’s top philanthropy voices of the year, I have the skills and experience to focus your efforts, drive your results, and enhance your ability and confidence through easy to understand and informative strategies, tools, and templates.

*Coaching services are provided exclusively by Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE

Here Is How I Can Help?

Join my…
private Facebook Mastermind group or my VIP Facebook group, and personally connect with, and be inspired by, me and my growing tribe of amazing nonprofit development professionals.

Or apply for :

  1. “Accelerate Your Success” an 8-week group coaching package
  2. “Personal Possibility” VIP 1-1 Coaching
    • 3-month intensive coaching
    • 3-month intensive coaching
  3. “Exploring Your Potential” VIP 1-1 Coaching Trial”
    • 2-week trial coaching package

Ready to reinvigorate or reinvent your professional life? Let’s talk on a strictly confidential, no obligation basis. Just fill out the form below to apply for a confidential, complimentary POSSIBILITY Session. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours to set up the appointment.


Geared towards the individual or small nonprofit:

2.5 hours of dedicated “DCS” time per month.

Rate – $250 per month

  • Includes coaching level calls – one per month at 60 minutes
  • One hour worth of project time
  • Optional 30 minute call once project has been created to discuss use and check in
  • Includes email/text – 5 per month


Geared towards the needs of smaller nonprofits:

5 hours of dedicated “DCS” time per month.

Rate – $500 per month

  • Includes coaching level calls – two per month at 60 minutes
  • Two hours worth of project time
  • Optional 1-hour call once project has been created to discuss use and check in
  • Includes email/text – 10 per month


Geared towards small nonprofits with some development function:

10 hours of dedicated “DCS” time per month.

Rate – $1,000 per month

  • Includes coaching level calls – two per month at 60 minutes
  • Seven hours worth of project time
  • Optional one-hour in-house meeting/call once project has been created to discuss use
  • Free attendance at any “DCS” workshop, webinar, or seminar
  • Access to free templates, tools, and other materials that will help you move your development needle forward
  • One half-day virtual retreat
  • Includes email/text – VIP Unlimited

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DCS offers a 6.5% contract discount to all of its previous clients returning for services. This excludes renewal contracts.